Monday, 15 February 2010

Logitune.FM presents the world's first online music festival

Saturday, Feb. 13th

The Mayor @ 2PM [EET]
Hadji @ 3PM [EET]
Adrian Patrascu @ 4PM [EET]
Dean Debonair @ 5PM [EET]
Iankoo @ 6PM [EET]
Costin G @ 7PM [EET]
MeelooX @ 8PM [EET]
DualTRX @ 9PM [EET]
Scot2000 @ 11:20PM [EET]

Sunday, Feb. 14th

Missed A Spot @ 1PM [EET]
Dan O @ 2PM [EET]
Zizou @ 3PM [EET]
X-Treep @ 4PM [EET]
The Mayor @ 5PM [EET]
DJ Kadago @ 7PM [EET]
DJ Dox & DJ Undoo @ 8PM [EET]
Charlie Dundeen @ 9PM [EET]
NotSoCommonDJ @ 10PM [EET]
M @ 11PM [EET]

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